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SnapGene Viewer includes the same rich visualization, annotation, and sharing capabilities as the fully enabled SnapGene software.

Would you like to move beyond hand-drawn plasmid maps?

SnapGene Viewer is revolutionary software that allows molecular biologists to create, browse, and share richly annotated DNA sequence files up to 1 Gbp in length.

What are the differences between SnapGene and the free SnapGene Viewer ?

See what you’re thinking:

Beautiful maps
Zooming for chromosomes
Primer binding sites
Enzyme sites and properties
Sequence trace viewer
Intuitive sequence editing
Realistic agarose gels
Customized enzyme sets

Simulate in a snap:

Restriction cloning
Conventional PCR
Overlap extension PCR
Primer-directed mutagenesis
Gateway® cloning
Gibson Assembly®
In-Fusion® cloning
TA and GC cloning

Avoid making mistakes:

Restriction site overview
Clear methylation indicators
Reading frames for gene fusions
Sequence trace alignment
Alignment with other sequences

Manage your data:

Feature and primer lists
Versatile file conversion
Automatic feature annotation
Customized automatic annotation
Import of features and primers

Record every step:

Comprehensive "Undo" capability
History overview
History color-coding
Embedded ancestor sequences