SnapGene Version 5.3.3

SnapGene 5.3.3 was released on November 28, 2021.


  • Added support for 11 restriction enzymes: AgsI, ArsI, BssSI, BsuI, BtsI, HpySE526I, LmnI, LpnPI, Mox20I, PstNI, TseFI
  • Added TaqII to the Type IIS enzyme set


  • Corrected cut positions for enzymes BmeT110I and BmgT120I
  • Updated comments for 32 enzymes for which presence of multiple sites is not required, but results in enhanced cleavage: AarI, AciI, AcuI, AloI, BaeI, BbeI, BfiI, Bpu10I, BsaWI, BsaXI, BsmFI, BsrFI, BveI, Cfr9I, Cfr10I, Cfr42I, CseI, EarI, Eco57I, EcoRII, FaqI, HgaI, HpaII, LweI, Mly113I, PdiI, PpiI, SatI, Sau3AI, SfaNI, SmlI, XmaI
  • Fixed the enzyme links for Nippon Gene Co.
  • Improved stability when embedding and managing embedded files
  • Improved stability when opening DNA and protein files and loading multiple or pairwise protein alignments
  • Improved stability closing alignment documents
  • Improved stability when selecting traces
  • Improved stability when using import from online resource dialog
  • Improved reliability of using a trackpad to swipe over a gel or trace
  • Automatically install additional dependencies for Ubuntu 20+
  • No longer add phosphorylated ends to protein sequences extracted from alignments
  • Corrected the Name order for sequences when exporting alignments in rich text format
  • Fixed an occasional issue on macOS where an empty SnapGene window appears which cannot be closed except by restarting SnapGene
  • Fixed import of whole-genome shotgun sequencing projects from NCBI
  • Corrected issue with Detect Common features not detecting features across origin when creating a new file
  • Improved autorenewal reminder dialog including addition of a 'Don't show again' button to stop reminders for the current subscription year
  • Fixed position of "Next/Previous Aligned Region" buttons
  • Improved quality of screenshots shown in the new version available dialog
  • Fixed an issue with with reporting base count when exporting to Genbank and EMBL format
  • Fixed an issue with computing MW for DNA and RNA sequences and sequence selections
  • Improved stability when converting some files from the command-line
  • Improved stability when changing primer template duplex display option preferences when a gel is open
  • Fixed hang when using Bulk Edit in a collection
  • Various fixes provided by upgrading to Qt 5.15.6

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