SnapGene Version 6.0.3

SnapGene 6.0.3 was released on April 17, 2022.


  • Improved formatting when using the Copy Selected Primers and Export Primer Data commands.
    (Requested by Di Xia)
  • Improved responsiveness of cloning dialogs when switching tabs and flipping fragments.
  • Improved responsiveness when making selections in multiple sequence alignments.
  • Improved responsiveness when performing or opening a file with an alignment to a reference sequence.


  • Fixed an issue with renaming folders in collections.
    (Reported by Dinesh Babu Paudel)
  • Avoid switching from Map to Sequence view after importing sequences to align to the reference.
    (Reported by Cary Valley and Michal Poborsky)
  • Fixed an regression where features in replaced regions were erronously retained during restriction cloning if the insert was the same size.
    (Reported by Martha and James Smart)
  • Fixed an issue with decoding features from GenBank files generated by CHOPCHOP.
    (Reported by Reuben Philip)
  • Fixed aligning sequences in a multi-sequence FASTA file with a reference.
    (Reported by Fang Suo, Louise La Barbera Kastberg, Guttorm Haraldsen, and Ryan McNulty )
  • Fixed an issue with opening supported file types in Miscellaneous Files when viewing a collection.
    (Reported by Dinesh Babu Paudel)
  • Fixed a default file name and extension when saving a sequence trace.
    (Reported by Dinesh Babu Paude)
  • Addressed an issue where Sharepoint index conflict files resulted in new file notifications when working with collections.
    (Reported by Andras Solt)
  • Improved stability when detecting common features.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection bar was blank after making a feature in a multiple sequence alignment.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to create a custom feature type in SnapGene Viewer.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented loading non-installed custom feature types that are embedded within a file.
  • Improved stability with multiple sequence alignments.
  • Fixed a memory leak when creating, editing, or duplicating features.
  • Corrected an issue with history colors after performing PCR using primers that extend beyond the end of a linear template.
  • Fixed an issue with making RNA sequences from selections in large genomic sequences.
  • Fixed an issue where unnecessary menus were sometimes shown on the launch dialog.
  • Fixed various issues where characters right of a period in a agarose gel sequence name was not shown in the fragment list or source control
  • Removed unecessary message indicating upgrading to SnapGene is required to perform an alignemnt if one or more aligned sequences and an associated alignment to the reference sequence is already computed.
  • Improved overall stability
  • Addressed various memory leaks.

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