SnapGene Version 6.0.6

SnapGene 6.0.6 was released on June 22, 2022.


  • Fixed the listed keyboard shortcut for "Find similar DNA sequences".
  • Fixed various stability issues opening some older files.
  • Improved stability when creating custom common features.
  • Improved stability when clicking codons in the Insert Codons dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving RNA files when viewing "All Files" in a collection.
  • Fixed an issue where after using the "Duplicate in Collection" command it was difficult to view the new file by selecting it in the list.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Make RNA" command was instead listed as "Make DNA" when viewing a DNA alignment.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Reverse Translate" command was instead listed as "Make Protein" when viewing a protein alignment.
  • Disabled the Primers > Hybridization Parameters command when using the Browse Common Features dialog.
  • Improved the appearance on Windows when showing additional commands in the side toolbar that are not normally visible due to limited vertical space.

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