SnapGene Version 6.1.1

SnapGene 6.1.1 was released on August 16, 2022.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented SnapGene from running on older versions of Windows 10
  • Fixed a stability issue with opening some files
    (Reported by Tom Milac)
  • Improved stability when simulating multipart gateway cloning
    (Reported by Scott Lee, Kevin Chiu, and Sander Haigh)
  • Fixed a regression that prevented restriction sites from being shown after converting ssRNA to dsDNA
    (Reported by Pavel Nedvetsky)
  • Improved the foreground color of mismatches when viewing an alignment to a reference sequence in Dark mode
  • Ensured the vectors features are retained when blunting near the numerical origin while simulating inserting a restriction fragment
    (Reported by Michael Jeltsch)
  • Improved the appearnace of the controls for regenerating restriction sites when choosing primers for InFusion cloning
  • Fixed the "Reveal in Explorer" collection context menu action on Windows
    (Reported by Edward Green)
  • Fixed an issue that made it hard to see the item in focus when setting a feature type
    (Reported by Xiankun Tong)
  • Reduced the space required to view the Golden Gate cloning dialog
  • Fixed a regression where the top toolbar was covered by tabs merging two or more document windows into a tabbed window on macOS
  • Ensured the uninstaller on Windows removes all files and folders
  • Removed the defunct Newsletter menu action
  • Fixed importing protein sequencees from Uniprot with accession numbers starting with LOC
  • Fixed an issue where when changing the background color, hovering over the separator or More Colors menu items resulted in erroneously using black as the background color
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1Q

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