SnapGene Version 6.1.2

SnapGene 6.1.2 was released on October 11, 2022.


  • Fixed a regression with copying and pasting primers that include spaces in their name into Excel
  • Fixed a stability issue when saving gels with 20 or more lanes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented running SnapGene on Ubuntu 22
  • Removed vector orientation controls for TA, GC, and TOPO cloning which did nothing and would be of limited value since these techniques only support a single insert
  • Fixed computing contig assemblies on macOS
  • Fixed an issue with simulating blunt TOPO cloning where the insert is used directly and a stability issue if the insert was flipped
  • Convert spaces to underscores when encoding the sequence name in the LOCUS when exporting to GenBank
  • Fixed stability issues when choosing primers for TA and TOPO cloning
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the number of fragments in the overlap assembly cloning dialog to be reduced to 1 which would result in a crash
  • Fixed a regression with using linear fragments directly in various cloning dialogs
  • Fixed an issue with adding an open document to more than one lane in an agarose gel
  • Fixed displaying transformation strains in menus on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Gate dialog would sometimes report an incorrect fidelity
  • Added missing paid feature logos to some menu actions that are not available in SnapGene Viewer
  • Fixed an issue where the TA cloning dialog should offer to add 3' A's to blunt fragment that is being used directly
  • Improved display of mismatching bases when viewing an alignment to a reference sequence in dark mode
  • Fixed the download link when attempting to import a Vector NTI Express database if Java is not installed
  • Fixed an issue where documents were sometimes duplicated in the Window menu
  • Fixed an issue that prevented showing separators the side toolbar
  • Improved displaying secondary structures when using display scaling on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the commands to show or hide quality data for sequences aligned to a reference had no effect

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