SnapGene Version 7.1.1

SnapGene 7.1.1 was released on December 18, 2023.


  • Fix a regression that could result in searches for queries longer than 4000 bp failing
  • Ensure files with standard FASTA file extensions are opened as sequences regardless of whether they include a FASTA description.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when searching a document
  • Improved the height of the Golden Gate dialog so it should fit on smaller screens
  • Ensure project-associated tabs are not restored when not reopening a project
  • Fixed Dotmatics Bioregister integration on Apple Silicon computers
  • Improved detection of FASTQ quality data encoding
  • Ensure collections menu actions are properly hidden if desired
  • Updated the link to T-Coffee in the Summary of Alignment Algorithms dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the software updater would sometimes offer to "upgrade" version 7 or later to version 6 on Windows 10
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when tapping a key while viewing Enzymes view in a cloning dialog
  • Fixed an issue that made it necessary to click on the view before using the keyboard to scroll up or down in cloning dialogs
  • Fixed a regression that could result in primers mysteriously disappearing while simulating an agarose gel
  • Fixed an issue where primer annotations were not shown when viewing an agarose gel

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