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Vector NTI® File Import

SnapGene directly opens multiple types of Vector NTI® files, including:

.gb and .gp DNA and protein sequences
.ma4 and .pa4 DNA and protein archives
.cep Contig Express assemblies
.apr and .aprx AlignX multiple alignments

The imported files preserve not only sequence data, but also annotations.

Oligo archives (.oar files) can be used for importing primers into SnapGene .dna files, or can be opened in SnapGene and converted to text files.

Click on the screenshots below for examples, or watch the video.

GenBank · Contig Express · AlignX

A Vector NTI® DNA or protein sequence file opens directly in SnapGene. Annotations and notes are preserved.



Vector NTI® Database Conversion

SnapGene (version 5.1.4 and later) supports wholesale conversion of a Vector NTI® Advance or Vector NTI® Express database to a SnapGene collection. Choose “File > Import > Vector NTI® Database…” .

The folder structure of your Vector NTI® database is transferred to the SnapGene collection.

The parent-descendant relationships in your Vector NTI® database are preserved in the history records of the converted SnapGene files.

Click on the screenshots below for examples, or watch the video.

Vector NTI® Advance
Vector NTI® Advance · Vector NTI® Express

A Vector NTI® Advance database can be converted to a SnapGene collection. Parent-descendant relationships are captured in the histories of the individual files.


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