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When your lab upgrades to SnapGene, everything will change. Cloning will be easier, communication will improve, and you will have complete records of your DNA constructs. You will wonder how you ever got along without it!

Benefits for Students, Postdocs, and Technicians

Work Faster and Smarter

SnapGene makes your DNA manipulations easy to visualize and simulate, and alerts you to errors before they happen.

Keep Records Effortlessly

Every DNA manipulation in SnapGene is automatically recorded, so you can see exactly what you did and retrieve the sequences of ancestral constructs.

Learn As You Go

If you are new to cloning or to a particular technique, the richly intuitive SnapGene interface helps you learn how it works.

Easily Share Data with Colleagues Around The World

SnapGene’s .dna files can be opened by the free cross-platform SnapGene Viewer, enabling you to share richly annotated maps and sequences with colleagues.

Benefits for PI’s and Lab Managers

Get Results Faster

The people in your lab will stop wasting time with flawed cloning procedures, and will start obtaining the right constructs the first time.

Spend Less Time Teaching People How to Clone

SnapGene is a great teaching tool, and even novice cloners will quickly learn how to figure things out on their own.

Control Your Licenses

It’s easy to assign SnapGene licenses to lab members, retrieve a license when someone leaves the lab, and transfer a license when a computer is replaced.

Save Money

Even experienced scientists make mistakes. Typically, at least 10% of procedures fail due to planning errors, resulting in wasted time and materials. Those losses can be prevented by using SnapGene, which will pay for itself many times over.

Keep Better Lab Records

SnapGene automatically generates a record of every sequence edit and cloning procedure, so you won’t lose track of how a construct was made, even after a lab member leaves.

Benefits for IT Departments

You can implement our flexible licensing options on a site-wide basis, or start small and grow with accessible pricing.

How much money will you save with SnapGene?

Academic Labs
Lab Size Annual SnapGene Subscription Annual Savings due to SnapGene Net Savings Return on Investment
3 $645 $4,800 $4,155 644%
6 $995 $9,600 $8,605 865%
10 $1,395 $16,000 $14,605 1,047%

Annual savings were calculated by assuming labor costs of $20/hr (academic) and by assuming that a failed procedure costs 2 days (16 hr) of wasted effort.