File Compatibility

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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

You own your data!

Open exchange of information between researchers is crucial. SnapGene Viewer is freely available so that you can share data with anyone in the world.

Importing from Other File Formats

We are working hard to enable SnapGene and SnapGene Viewer to read common file formats. The goal is to import not only DNA sequences, but also annotations and notes. Click on a link at the right to see how a particular file type will be imported.

If you encounter a glitch with importing from one of the supported file formats, or if you would like to request support for a new file format, please contact us.

Exporting to Other File Formats

It's easy to export data from SnapGene or SnapGene Viewer. You can export the sequence in FASTA format, or you can export the sequence and annotations to a GenBank file that other programs can read.

For Developers: Working with SnapGene Files

If you would like to incorporate SnapGene into your data analysis or lab management software, please contact us for information about how to read and write SnapGene files.

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