Explore our educational resources to advance your knowledge of SnapGene, cloning and core molecular biology procedures.

Getting Started with SnapGene

Master the basics of SnapGene with video tutorials

SnapGene Tour: See How SnapGene Works
Learn how to plan, visualize and document molecular cloning procedures in SnapGene.
View and Annotate Your Plasmids, Sequences and Clones
Learn the key visualization features in SnapGene, how to create and customize annotated plasmid maps, and display features.
Aligning to a Reference DNA Sequence
Align DNA sequences with a reference sequence to verify a cloning or mutagenesis, or to align a cDNA to a chromosome.

Cloning Tutorials

Learn the steps required to perform the most common cloning techniques in SnapGene

Introduction to Molecular Cloning
Watch this series to learn more about molecular cloning including an intro to the plasmid cloning cycle and tips for cloning success.
Restriction and Insertion Cloning
Learn how SnapGene can simulate conventional DNA cloning while helping you to visualize, control, and document every aspect of the process.
Gateway Cloning
Learn how SnapGene can simulate standard or MultiSite Gateway cloning.
Gibson Assembly
Learn how SnapGene can simulate Gibson Assembly to insert or assemble DNA fragments.
In-Fusion Cloning
Learn how SnapGene can simulate Clontech's In-Fusion cloning to insert one or more DNA fragments into a plasmid.
TA Cloning
Learn how SnapGene can simulate TA cloning or Lucigen's GC cloning.