Version 1.2

New Functionality

  • SnapGene now supports thousands of features.
  • When searching for a DNA sequence, SnapGene now highlights the matching strand or strands in Sequence View. (Suggested by Ganesan)
  • Added controls for jumping to a mismatch of Gap when using the Align with a Sequence Trace dialog. (Requested by Dan Kraut)
  • Added a “Close All Windows” command to the File menu.
  • Added a “Delete Selected Feature(s)” command to the pull down menu in the Common Features dialog for deleting custom common features.
  • Added a “Copy Feature Translation” command to the context menu shown when right clicking feature translation letter codes in Sequence View.
  • Added a “Copy ORF Translation” command to the context menu shown when right clicking miscellaneous letter codes in Sequence View.
  • Added “Translation Options…” and “Copy ORF Translation” commands to the context menu shown when right clicking ORFs in Map View.


  • Updated the common features database to over 350 features.
  • Alphabetized suppliers of MW markers, added missing greek symbols before various phage and plasmid markers and added bold for various Bionexus Hi-Lo DNA Marker fragments.
  • Reduced file sizes by omitting features from ancestral sequences that are so large we decide to not allow them to be resurrected (e.g. chromosomes). Similarly, improved saving of features so that file sizes are smaller in general, especially for sequences with many features.
  • SnapGene now avoids downloading a software update more than once. If you are informed an update has been downloaded and is ready to be installed and choose not to install it at the current time, SnapGene will simply offer to install it later instead of downloading it all over again.
  • SnapGene only attempts to reduce the font size used to display circular plasmid names by one step before switching to displaying the name below the plasmid map.
  • Improved circular plasmid identification.
  • Exported maps now use a white background.
  • Various color, text and alignment enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could result in a crash when simulating PCR or any PCR based manipulation.
  • Fixed a bug with opening some GenBank files (Reported by Marius)
  • Fixed a bug where SnapGene Viewer, if left running for an extended period of time, would not periodically check for updates.
  • Fixed a bug where SnapGene could hang after deleting an open file on OSX.

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