Changes in version 3.2 (Aug 8, 2016)

New Functionality

  • Codon usage tables.
  • Choose Alternative Codons capability.
  • Back translation from protein to DNA.
  • Import Addgene Plasmid capability.
  • Import SnapGene Online Sequence capability.
  • Importer for CLC Bio files.
    (Requested by Anders Aspberg, Zhe Yan, and Seth Goldman)
  • Importer for FASTQ files.
  • Ability to align FASTA archives as well as FASTQ files and archives.
    (Requested by Patrick Connelly and Tyler Bradshaw)
  • Ability to save sequence traces to FASTQ format.
  • Degenerate codons in the menus for the Primer dialogs (Insertions tab).
  • Import of oligos from Vector NTI® databases.
  • Import of Vector NTI® oligo archives.
    (Requested by Anton Ivankin)
  • Import of Clone Manager primer collection files.
  • Ability to show/hide features or primers inside the selection.
    (Requested by Michael at Novozymes)
  • Command line interface for converting files.
    (Requested by Willem-Jan Waterreus)
  • Support for automatically saving and exiting after a user-defined inactivity period if using a shared license.


  • Added shortcut for Invert Selection (Cmd+Shift+I; the new shortcut for Insert Fragment is Cmd+Opt+I).
    (Requested by Amin Mahpour)
  • Enabled files to be dragged and dropped onto the gel image or fragment list in the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog.
    (Requested by Alejandro Serrion)
  • Enabled export of Map or History view to rasterized formats such as PNG without the “Created by SnapGene®” watermark.
    (Requested by Andrew Flies)
  • Added MIDSCI ladders.
    (Requested by Derek Englert)
  • Enhanced Select All, Select Range, and Go To for navigating and selecting aligned sequences.
  • Enhanced Make Protein and Export Selected Protein for use with protein selections in aligned sequences.
  • Enabled imported NCBI sequences to be either viewed directly or saved to disk.
  • Sped up the removal (and undoing the removal) of a large number of aligned sequences.
  • Added a Clear button to various search controls.
  • Updated the enzyme database to indicate additional enzymes that require multiple sites for efficient cleavage.
  • Added a ”Request Free Trial” button to the Registration dialog.
  • Improved the look and feel of rounded ovals on low DPI displays.
  • Made various color, icon, textual, and other interface enhancements.
  • Enhanced Anonymous Statistics to send both the default locale and the user’s preferred locale.


  • Fixed an issue where after resurrecting some very old sequences you could be forced to save when closing if SnapGene was configured to update older files automatically.
    (Reported by András Tálas)
  • Improved the display of long alignments that wrap around the numerical origin.
    (Reported by Leonid Valentovich)
  • Improved the consistency of primer Tm calculations in various parts of the interface.
    (Reported by Dan Lysko)
  • Enhanced the map exporter to encode the correct resolution within the exported file.
    (Reported by Alan Myers)
  • Fixed an issue when working with shared files on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where after importing enzyme sets using the Manage Enzyme Sets dialog, the recent directory was not re-used during a subsequent import.
  • Ensured that “Translation Options…” is omitted from context menus if generic translations/ORFs are toggled off.
  • Ensured that the “Set Enzyme Preferences…” action in the side toolbar menu is consistently disabled in modal dialogs.
  • Improved the painting of primer outlines in an alignment when the most 3′ base of a primer abuts a gap.
  • Ensured correct processing of FASTA files that contain carriage returns but not newline characters.
  • Added a pair of sanity checks to avoid moving invalid files (lacking static content such as the nucleotide sequence) into place when performing a Save or Save As operation.
  • Fixed an issue in the Add/Edit Feature dialogs where if a yellow message was shown for a reason other than a nonstandard genetic code, clicking this message would show the Translation Options dialog even if the feature was not translated.
  • Fixed an issue with showing the paid feature preview dialog from a modal context.
  • Ensured that enzymes and primers outside the zoomed range are not included when printing a linear map.
    (Reported by Fanny Passot)
  • Ensured that the correct portion of an ancestor is shown in History view after using an entire sequence with Make File from Selection or after using Make Protein with a full sequence feature.
  • Improved the display of the used and unused portions of a linear protein sequence in History view.
  • Improved primer tooltips to not allocate extra space above a primer description.
  • Prevented Find matches from being highlighted in the scroll bar when scrolling is unnecessary.
  • Fixed “Import Vector NTI® Database” on OS X to look for a database under “/Library/Application Support/VNTI Database”.
  • Added missing import actions to the launch dialog and Dock menu on OS X.
  • Ensured that colors and uracil positions are preserved when updating older files.
  • Improved the display of features in aligned sequences when insertions or deletions wrap around the numerical origin.
  • Fixed an issue where the enzyme controls in the Anneal Oligos dialog offered “Start” and “End options for adding enzyme sites.