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Release Notes

Version 7.0   details

SnapGene 7.0 introduces an updated look and feel with enhanced data management capabilities. Easily navigate files and folders with tabs, and perform sequence and metadata based searches for files directly from the new folder panel. Other enhancements include new primer insertion annotations and various usability improvements.

Tabbed Interface

Navigate between documents using the new tabbed interface, or pop out documents into separate windows for comparison purposes.

File and Folder Management

Choose any folder on your file system as a project and quickly view subfolders and files directly within a new, collapsible, folder panel. Perform standard file operations and quickly browse all supported file types.

File Search

Quickly find files within a project using attributes such as the name or type, containing sequence, feature annotations and more via a flexible, modern interface.

Primer Annotations

Visualize insertions such as enzymes, codon or short peptide sequences added to your primers in the updated Add/Edit Primer dialog. Regions of interest (Golden Gate restriction sites, Gateway cloning attB sites, directional TOPO motif) are now annotated for primers designed automatically as well.

Preview Detected Features for New Sequences

The new file pane now includes a sequence map to preview features that are detected in your sequence and allows you to choose which annotations to include in your sequence.

Get Started

Quickly access recent files and folders using the new Get Started pane, or learn more about how to use SnapGene with links to short video tutorials, user guide articles, and the SnapGene Academy.

Search for and Import Sequences from Dotmatics Bioregister

Quickly and easily search for sequences in Dotmatics Bioregister directly from within SnapGene based on the sequence name, Bioregister ID, or a similar sequence (BLAST search). Save a sequence of interest locally or open it in SnapGene right away. This integration requires Bioregister 6.1.0 or later.

Version 7.0.1   details

This release includes a number of important fixes and improves overall stability.

Version 7.0.2   details

This release includes a number of important fixes and improves overall stability.