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Release Notes

Version 6.2   details

Version 6.2 adds support for suboptimal RNA secondary structures and includes a number of other enhancements to the Structure view, includes a number of improvements to the Golden Gate cloning simulation tools and PCR simulations in general, provides better flexibility when working with Protein properties, and modernized buttons and icons.

RNA Secondary Structure view enhancements

Suboptimal RNA secondary structures are now shown. All structures can be recalculated using adjusted Tm and other settings. Visualization and selection capabilities have been enhanced, including the ability to display and make sequence selections that are synced across all views. Coordinates and 5' / 3' end labels can optionally be displayed. See View Predicted RNA Secondary Structure for more information.

Golden Gate Assembly Improvements

Various enhancements to the Golden Gate cloning dialogs include a ligation fidelity matrix for assessing overall reaction fidelity, it is now possible to adjust overhangs for manually designed primers, a new option to cut the vector with any enzymes (not just Type IIS enzymes), as well as an updated settings dialog with easy access to recommended enzymes.

Improvements to primer design in PCR cloning simulations

You can now adjust the hybridization region for all PCR cloning simulations (e.g. PCR, Golden Gate, Gibson, In Fusion, etc.). When using automatic primer design the hybridized region will be configured automatically, ensuring miscellaneous features are not transferred to the product when a 5’ primer extension by chance partially hybridizes to the template.

Protein properties can now be copied and exported

Copy or export the properties and amino acid data for full protein sequences or selected regions in text or spreadsheet (*.csv / *.tsv) formats. Individual properties can also be copied directly from the view.

Modernized toolbar, application, and document icons

SnapGene now uses modernized icons in the top toolbar. The application icon and file icons have also been updated.

Version 6.2.1   details

Version 6.2.1. enables registering sequences in Dotmatics Bioregister in addition to a fixing various other issues.

Register in Dotmatics Bioregister

Quickly and easily register your sequences in Dotmatics Bioregister directly from within SnapGene. It is no longer necessary to first save using a specific file format and manually upload to Bioregister using a web browser. This integration requires Bioregister 22.2 or later.

Version 6.2.2   details

This release includes a number of important fixes.