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Release Notes

Version 6.0   details

Version 6.0 provides greater flexibility for working with cloning simulations, features, and agarose gels. Updates include new tools for silently adding or removing restriction sites, support for custom feature types, sharable agarose gel files, editable feature annotations in pairwise and multiple sequence alignments, and usability improvements including improved options for fragments chosen for cloning simulations.

Silent Mutation to Add or Remove Enzyme Sites

Restriction enzyme sites can now be automatically added or removed from a coding sequence by silent mutation.

Support for Custom Feature Types

The set of available feature types can now be extended to include custom types (non-GenBank), and default feature colors can be changed.

Agarose Gel Files

Agarose gel simulations can now be saved as .gel files, allowing gels to be viewed and edited later or shared with others.

Feature Annotation in Pairwise and Multiple Alignments

Editable features are now fully supported in both pairwise and multiple sequence alignments, with the ability to add, edit, and search from either the Alignment view or the new Features view.

Cloning Simulation Enhancements

New flexibility in cloning simulation dialogs enables fragments to be added, removed, or re-ordered within the cloning interface. Vectors can now be flipped when simulating restriction cloning, Gibson Assembly, In-Fusion Cloning, and NEBuilder HiFi Assembly.

Version 6.0.1   details

This release significantly improves stability, improves performance, and fixes various issues.

Version 6.0.2   details

This release includes an important stability fix.

Version 6.0.3   details

This release includes a number of important stability and memory leak fixes and other optimizations.

Version 6.0.4   details

This release includes a fix for a serious regression in version 6.0.3 that can result in history not being displayed correctly and ancestral sequences no longer being resurrectable.

Version 6.0.5   details

This release includes important fixes including improved repairing of history in existing files.

Version 6.0.6   details

This release includes various important fixes.

Version 6.0.7   details

This release includes an important fix for opening older files.