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Release Notes

Version 5.2   details

Version 5.2 provides visualization and performance enhancements. Updates include GC content visualization, support for finding similar DNA sequences, simulation of supercoiled DNA migration in agarose gels, support for ssDNA sequences, and Sequencher file import.

GC Content Display

A GC content color or line plot can now be displayed in Map view, and bases can be colored by GC or AT in Sequence view.

Find Similar DNA Sequences

When searching for DNA sequences, imperfect matches containing gaps or mismatched bases can be found, and search performance has been optimized.

Supercoiled DNA Migration

When simulating agarose gels, the migration of uncut circular sequences can be visualized, and supercoiled MW markers can be used.

ssDNA Sequences

A single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) sequence can now be created or imported, with support for feature annotation and sequence manipulations.

Optimized History View

When editing sequences, the history is compressed to allow efficient storage as well as Undo for large sequences.

Additional Protein Feature Types

The set of supported protein feature types has been extended, including support for the misc_feature type.

Sequencher File Import

Sequencher files can now be imported into a SnapGene collection.

Version 5.2.1   details

This version fixes various regressions and improves stability.

Version 5.2.2   details

This version improves performance and stability.

Version 5.2.3   details

This version fixes minor bugs and regressions, and improves behavior on macOS Big Sur.

Version 5.2.4   details

This release fixes minor bugs and improves the stability of the application.

Version 5.2.5   details

This release fixes various issues and adds support for the Type IIS enzyme PaqCI.

Version   details

This release corrects an issue with incorporating the common features database into version 5.2.5 for Windows.