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Release Notes

Version 5.3   details

Version 5.3 adds a number of visualization enhancements, including features within multiple sequence alignments as well as new viewing options for histories, primers, sequences, and chromatogram files. Data management is also improved with more flexible file organization in Collections, improved Geneious format conversion, and support for RNA sequence files.

View Features in Multiple Sequence Alignments

Features in the input sequences are carried through to the alignment, allowing you to visualise aligned regions in context.

View and Export History in Text Format

History view now supports both the traditional Maps format and a new Text format.

RNA Sequence Files

The new .rna file format allows you to create, view, and edit RNA sequences.

New ‘All Files’ Area in Collections

Organize all of your DNA, RNA, and protein files within a single list or folder tree in a Collection, and add new folders across the different areas in a single step.

View Sequences in Blocks of 3 or 10 Residues

New layout options allow sequences to be displayed with gaps every 3rd or 10th base.

Fill In Annealed Oligos

Overlap two oligos, and then convert to double-stranded DNA in a single step by filling in the overhangs.

Primers with 3' Overhangs

A DNA sequence can now be annotated with primers that anneal at the 5’ end but not the 3’ end.

Wrapped View for Chromatogram Files

Display and print a chromatogram in multi-line format to view the trace more efficiently.

Improved Geneious Format Conversion

Individual .geneious protein and nucleotide sequences, including features, primers, and alignments, are now imported more reliably with richer information.

Version 5.3.1   details

This release improves stability and fixes various issues.

Version 5.3.2   details

This release improves stability and fixes various issues.

Version 5.3.3   details

This release improves stability and fixes various issues.