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Release Notes

Version 5.1   details

Version 5.1 provides enhanced flexibility for displaying and annotating sequences. Updates include an improved layout for linear maps, an optional split view for sequence windows, more versatile controls for enzyme visibility, and links between related folders in different areas of a SnapGene collection.

Better Linear Maps

Enzyme sites and other annotations in a linear map are now allowed to overlap, thereby reducing map height while preserving legibility.

Optional Split View

A DNA or protein sequence window can be split to show two different views, or two versions of the same view.

Enzyme Visibility Controls

Like features and primers, individual enzymes can now be shown or hidden using check boxes.

Links Between Collection Areas

When a SnapGene collection stores related files in the DNA Files, Protein Files, and Miscellaneous Files areas,

Flexible Choice of Reference Type

When adding references to the Description Panel, a variety of reference types are now available.

Adjustable Threshold for Feature Detection

When importing features from another SnapGene file or detecting common features, the match threshold can be adjusted between 80-100%.

Batch Edits in Collections

A SnapGene collection now supports batch edits of multiple files for flipping sequences, importing features or primers, detecting features or primers, performing BLAST searches, and specifying entries in the Description Panel.

Optional Stripes for “A” Traces

In a sequence trace file, the “A” trace can be displayed with stripes to support researchers with color vision disabilities.

Pre-defined “Type IIS Enzymes” Set

Type IIS enzymes, which are used for Golden Gate assembly, can be displayed using a pre-defined enzyme set.

Version 5.1.1   details

This release fixes minor recent and long-standing issues.

Version 5.1.2   details

This release fixes an error with collection behavior introduced in version 5.1.1.

Version 5.1.3   details

This version includes a variety of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version   details

This release corrects an issue with incorporating the common features database into version 5.1.3 for Windows.

Version 5.1.4   details

This version includes multiple fixes and improvements.

Version   details

This version fixes a couple of issues with automated feature annotation.

Version 5.1.5   details

This version includes minor fixes and enhancements.

Version 5.1.6   details

This version includes minor fixes and enhancements.

Version 5.1.7   details

This version fixes an issue with pairwise alignments and improves import from NCBI.