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Release Notes

Version 5.0   details

Version 5.0 adds new capabilities and display options including pairwise alignment, import from the Ensembl database, support for directional TOPO® cloning, and improved tools for alignment to a reference DNA sequence.

Pairwise Alignment

Pairs of DNA or protein sequences can be analyzed by local, global, or semi-global alignment.

Import from Ensembl

Gene or transcript data from the Ensembl genome browser can now be imported directly into SnapGene.

Directional TOPO® Cloning

A new interface simulates directional TOPO® cloning into topoisomerase-activated vectors.

Flexible Alignment to a Reference

The interface for aligning to a reference DNA sequence has been enhanced. Controls for various display options are more intuitive, and alignment can be restricted to a designated strand or region of the reference sequence.

Draggable Nonaligned Ends

For a sequence that has been partially aligned to a reference DNA sequence, the nonaligned end portions can now be dragged out and visualized.

Anza™ Enzymes

The Anza™ enzyme system from Thermo Fisher (Invitrogen) has been incorporated into SnapGene’s enzyme database.

Customizable Background Color

The background color for the SnapGene interface can be changed.

Visibility Controls for Feature Types

Features can be shown or hidden based on feature type.

New Options for Amino Acids

Amino acids in a translated feature can be set to lowercase, and a stretch of amino acids can be copied in 3-letter format.

Codon Frequencies Calculator

A codon frequencies table can be generated for one or more translated features.

DNA-to-Protein Alignment Conversion

A selected region of a DNA alignment can be translated to generate the corresponding protein alignment.

Intron Annotation for an Aligned cDNA

When a cDNA is aligned to a reference genomic DNA sequence, the cDNA can be used to create a feature in which gaps are annotated as introns.

Extended Selection Endpoints in Maps

Selections are now marked with extended lines, which clarify the selection endpoints and also enhance visibility for small selections.

Importer for DNASIS Files

Files from the legacy DNASIS program are now recognized by SnapGene.

Version 5.0.1   details

This version includes minor fixes and enhancements.

Version 5.0.2   details

This version provides additional fixes and enhancements, including long-term support for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Version 5.0.3   details

This version provides additional stability enhancements.

Version 5.0.4   details

This version addresses various customer requests.

Version 5.0.5   details

This version provides minor enhancements and improved stability.

Version 5.0.6   details

This version improves performance and stability, and corrects a recently introduced error with GenBank file conversion.

Version 5.0.7   details

This version includes a variety of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Version 5.0.8   details

This version includes a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes.